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Only 38 miles due east of Miami lie the tiny Bimini Islands, part of the Bahamas, where gin-clear waters may be hiding the mystery of a sunken civilization known as Atlantis.





Right: Aerial view of the town of South Bimini, with the Big Game Marina in the background, which offers a safe harbor.
he world is filled with mysterious sites, lost cultures, megalithic structures, sacred
"a portion of the temples may yet be discovered under the slime of ages and seawater, near what is known as Bimini off the coast of Florida. Also Poseida will be among the first portions of Atlantis to rise again. Expect it in '68 and '69, not so far away."
Edgar Cayce
palaces and unusual occurrences that have stirred the imagination and led to speculation about our true origin. The Quest for Atlantis and the search for a forgotten ancient mother culture has intrigued and inspired generations of scientists, explorers, philosophers and psychics throughout the ages. The Quest for Atlantis is like the Holy Grail. It lies at the core of our traditions and contains the seed not only of mystery but of challenge. The term Atlantis stands as a metaphor for the human yearning to explore the unknown and to follow the path of truth wherever it may lead. The Atlantis legend credited to the Greek Philosopher Plato has endured and symbolizes a dream of a golden age, a lost paradise, and it could help explain similarities between ancient cultures, legends of worldwide floods, and megalithic construction in the Old and New World.

First accounts of Atlantis were supplied by Greek philosopher Plato in the 4th century BC. In Plato's dialogues Timaeus and Critias, Atlantis is described as a vast paradise in the great ocean beyond the pi!lars of Hercules.

For generations there was peace and the people were true and noble and they showed gentleness and wisdom. But at the end the Atlantean society began to decay, the divine wisdom began to weaken and fade and it became diluted with lawlessness, ambition and power.

During the last days of Atlantis, about 12,000 years ago, the Atlanteans had lost their virtue and were amassing armies to conquer the world when the Earth shook and the islands disappeared into the depths of the sea. Atlantis was a civilization unequalled before or since, yet it is said it vanished in little more than a single day, leaving not a trace behind.

In 1930, Edgar Cayce, one of America's most famous and well documented psychics, predicted that the remains of Atlantis would be found near Bimini in '68,'69. According to Edgar Cayce, many people living today are former Atlanteans, who are drawn back at this time to find Atlantis, to receive enlightenment and to help heal themselves and this ancient site from past turmoil. Edgar Cayce also predicted that a Healing Well could be found and developed into a centre for two purposes, regeneration for those with certain types of ailments, and a centre for archaeological research.

In 1612 an Indian legend was translated that described an island called "Bemene", where old people
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