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The Road to Bimini, continued

Right: Aerial view of the Bimini Road

could bath and emerge young once more. Spanish explorer, Ponce de Leon, searched for "Bemene" and the fountain of Youth in vain. On "Bimini" a small spring has been discovered that contained some levels of lithium and sulphur, and where some people have reported an increase of well-being, euphoria and alleviation of certain ailments like arthritis.

Bimini glistens like a jewel in the azure Gulf Stream and is an enigma in many ways. Its layer of legends: Fountains of Youth, Atlantean remains, Healing Waters and Megalithic Stones all fuse in a dynamic crucible of energy and lore. Is Bimini part of the lost continent of Atlantis?

In September of 1968, on Bimini, a most exciting discovery was made. Dr Mason Valentine, zoologist, paleontologist, geologist, and underwater archaeologist was guided by Bonefish Sam to shore reef for some diving. When he looked down he saw hundreds of flat rocks eight to ten feet square arranged in regular patterns about a thousand yards from shore in about 10 feet of water. Today his discovery is called the „Bimini Road¾ and it is approximately 300 feet wide and 1600 feet long.

I was amazed to discern an extensive pavement of rectangles and occasionally polygonal flat stones of varying size and thickness, obviously arranged and accurately aligned to form convincing engineering courses. These stones had evidently been submerged over a long span of time for the edges of some had become rounded giving the blocks the appearance of giant loaves of bread or pillows. My personal feeling is that the whole fantastic complex represents the intelligent utilization by ancient man of material provided by nature and appropriate for the creation of some sort of ceremonial center.¾

After researching the area, Dr. Valentine has refuted the scientific claims that the road site is natural beach rock by explaining that many of the stones are of flint-hard micrite, unlike soft beach rock; that the stones do not follow the curving beach rock lines; that some of the enormous flat stones are propped up at the corners by pillar stones like dolmens and one end of the complex swings into a beautiful curved corner before vanishing under the sand. Dr. Valentine has studied the Bahamas for 30 years and has numerous sites for potential investigation. Dr. Valentine¼s discovery occurred precisely the time that Edgar Cayce had predicted that the remains of Atlantis would be found near Bimini.

Left: Map of Bimini

Since that time many others have studied this amazing complex. Veteran French engineer, diver and pilot Dimitri Rebikoff, a pioneer of underwater photography and inventor of the Pegasus, an underwater platform, has carried out underwater and aerial photomapping of the Bimini Site. From 1969 to 1978, Dimitri Rebikoff has compiled a stereoscopic mosaic survey of the Bimini Road and continues to investigate the support pillars under some of the huge blocks.

In 1974 Dr. David Zink, prehistorian, and explorer came to Bimini to investigate the mysterious stones. Dr Zink has conducted extensive underwater surveying and archaeological work on Bimini that has included professional surveys, use of side-scan sonar and nuclear activation analysis. His scientific approach of exploring ancient mysteries has utilized U.S. Navy divers, as well as psychics in conjunction with standard archaeological practices. Dr Zink has led 10 expeditions to Bimini and is author of The Ancient Stones Speakand The Stones of Atlantis. More of Dr. Zink¼s discoveries are discussed in his revised 1990 edition of The Stones of Atlantis. Dr Zink has concluded the site was built by man as a megalithic temple similar to Stonehenge.

It has been 22 years since the discovery of the Bimini Road Site and much has happened. In the last two decades advances in technology, breakthroughs in consciousness and the greater understanding of the sophistication of prehistoric civilizations has occurred.

In 1989, Dr. Joan Hanley, founder of the Gaea Project, Dr David Zink and myself, came together and created Quest for Atlantis. We developed a conference with a multilevel approach that included on-site investigation, underwater exploration, aerial fly-bys and Healing Well experiences.

During the project, our group headed out for Paradise Point looking for the ancient stones in the vast ocean. Visibility was unlimited as our diving boat stopped and the divers and snorkelers entered the water. We were amazed at the incredible site we saw. Large regular boulders far more impressive than we had imagined, all fitted neatly in rows extending beyond our sight. Later during the conference while conducting aerial fly-bys with Dimitri Rebikoff as pilot, members of the flight observed a mysterious fish like mound over 500 feet long in the mist of the mangrove swamp. Although there were reports of a fish mound before it does not appear on any maps.

Enthusiasm was high as the group pondered the significance of a possible man made mound similar to the earthen works of the American Mound Builders on this remote island in the Bahamas. Later in the week we headed out for the Legendary Healing Well or possible Fountain of Youth. The ocean shimmered in various colors of unbelievable hues of blue as we left for the Northeast tip of the island. We arrived at a dense mangrove area and anchored in shallow water. A narrow path had been cut and we carefully waded through the root tangled path that led to a small pond.

The surface was warm sea water floating over that cool spring below. The water was abnormally buoyant and we floated effortlessly in the small pond. After getting used to the greenish water and the initial giggles, a peaceful feeling came over us. We meditated allowing the sense of well-being to spread and enfold our bodies. We left feeling emotionally balanced, and with a sense of profound peace.

After the conference, Raymond E. Leigh, a land surveyor commissioned a Miami aerial surveying firm to take infrared aerial photographs over Bimini at various heights. In the process of exploring the fish-mound from the air he discovered a rectangular mound and a cat mound. By conducting an in depth study of the mathematical data on Bimini, Raymond feels he has found similarities between ancient units of measurement. The fish fin has an east-west orientation. Calculations of the various dimensions of the mounds and painstaking analysis of the aerial photos revealed a recognition Golden Section (1 to 0.618) in the geometry of the Bimini Mounds.

In May 1990, Quest for Atlantis II again brought diverse expertise together. Dr. Joan Hanley, Dr. Doug Richards, zoologist and Director of Research for Atlantis University and myself created the second conference. Various explorers with diverse expertise attended. The conference focused on investigating mounds, a search for other wells and interviews with the elders of the island to preserve their stories and experiences.

Left: Underwater view of the Bimini Wall

The Quests were filled with adventure and opportunities in mind body and spirit to assimilate and integrate greater wholeness. The Quest is to touch something of the Divine and move from seeking to deep inner knowingness. The Quest stirs each generation. It asks us to remember and bring forth the truth about our spiritual and historical heritage. The time of revealing ancient records is dawning.

Old forms are giving way to new possibilities and the key to the new forms is in personal and group empowerment that include freedom and self-expression, integrity, interdependence, partnership, trust and action. We are all learning to understand the process of shared vision and right human relationship with ourselves, others and Mother Earth.

Mystery still surrounds the discoveries man made in ancient times and by others to be natural formation of beach rock, the Bimini Road Site has launched a multitude of questions and the controversy continues to this day. If these sites are not part of the sunken continent of Atlantis, they are very likely remains of some other ancient Old World Civilization and when identified will shed more light on our ancient past and who discovered the New World.

I know in my heart that the Healing Well is real and there is definite evidence of a very ancient culture in Bimini. There are many who have dedicated their lives and resources to research the evidence on this small island and there are many more to follow. The people drawn to Bimini and these projects are drawn together by a deep bond and a love of prehistory and Atlantis lore. The full realization of what the Lost Atlantean wisdom represents contains the seed of hope. Can we live together in harmony with universal energies? I know by bringing diverse disciplines and expertise together in a co-operative spirit we can help solve the mysteries and realize greater peace.

Today the possibilities of new discoveries as we search for the truth are limitless. It seems that mystery and imagination are vital in rediscovering the clues of the past. Paradoxically as science advances its storehouse of knowledge even more imagination and spirit are needed.¾ Albert Einstein in 1930.

This article was prepared by Vanda Osmon, researcher, global networker and owner of Joy Travel. She specializes in creating journeys with a holistic perspective with opportunities to make
Left: Author Vanda Osmon

profound connection with the spirit of the land and with inner wisdom. For more information contact Vanda Osmon, Joy Travel, 30100 Town Center Drive St.,#0175, Laguna Niguel, California 92677 USA.