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The remains of an unusual pioneer settlement are preserved on the banks of the Estero River. In 1894, a religious visionary named Cyrus Reed Teed brought his followers from Chicago to Estero to construct a "New Jerusalem." Teed hoped it would become a city of 10 million people practicing the religion of Koreshanity.

Teed conceived Koreshanity in the autumn of 1869 in upstate New York, when he had what was later referred to as his "Illumination". While working in his laboratory, he claimed to have changed lead into gold - alchemy. He called this knowledge the "Philosopher's Stone." Later that evening he had a vision in which he saw God in the form of a beautiful woman and learned the secret of the Universe and his place in it (Isaiah 11:10, Isaiah 44:28). The Koreshan God had a male-female aspect. Later Koreshan prayers would be to the Mother-Father God. He was told that he would interpret the symbols of the Bible for the scientific age. The nature of the Universe was revealed to him. The Earth was enclosed and we live on the inside - the Cellular Cosmology (Isaiah 40:12). Teed believed the earth was a hollow sphere with all life, planets, moon and stars within it.


Koreshan Store on Tamiami Trail, Estero, FL.
By 1893, after years of struggling, a small group was invited down to Estero by a man who happened to see an article Teed had written. The man eventually sold Teed some land, and the Koreshan colony in Florida was born. This colony flourished, increasing in importance and influence.

Upon the death of Teed in 1908, membership began to decline until the four remaining members deeded the property to the state in 1961. For detailed historical information, call (941) 992-0311.

Fishing, camping, nature study, picnicking and boating are popular activities. Canoe rentals are available. Park rangers offer guided walks and campfire programs according to seasonal demand.

Koreshan State Historic Site is located on U.S. 41 at Corkscrew Road, two miles west of I-75, exit 19.

Koreshan State Historic Site
P.O. Box 7
Estero, FL 33928
(941) 992-0311

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